Benjamin Eze Nwani, Sunday M. Ofoke, D. C. Udechukwu


This study investigated the educated and uneducated suitor’s attitude towards marrying girls with higher Degrees. A suitor’s attitude towards marrying girls with higher degrees Questionnaire, developed by the researcher, was used to assess the degree of suitors’ attitudes towards marrying girls with higher degrees. The results of T-Test showed that there is a statistically significant difference between educated suitor’s and uneducated suitor’s attitudes towards marrying girls with higher degrees. F (2,98) = 23.26, P<0.05. There was no statistically age difference in suitor’s perception of girls with higher education, and non-education F 2,98 = 0.200, P<0.05. The results also suggested that suitor’s attitude towards marrying girls with higher degrees depends on enough of information suitors had about girls with higher education.

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