Ifeoma M. Nweze


The study particularly investigates how determiners are projected into DP, makes a definition of DP and examines the elements describable as DP. Through the framework of X1 theory and the parametric method of analysi, the work presents a research on determiner phrase (DP) in the Igbo language. Determiners were formerly viewed as the specifiers and modifiers of the noun phrase in phrase structure syntax. There was no phrase as DP.  In modern times, the element determiner has been projected to phrases of related types. This has been done for many languages but no such study has been carried out in this regard for the Igbo language. The work discovers that the element determiner is projected into phrases through projecting all lexical categories into related types. Determiner Phrase in Igbo refers to any element or any phrase used to specify or modify other items in a construction. The elements of DP in the language include demonstratives, possessives/genitive, adjectives, numbers, quantifiers, deixis, pronouns, relative clauses, nouns etc. The demonstrative in Igbo has a more definite sense than other elements of DP.  The demonstratives “A@hụ$ and a$” can be used with all other determiners in Igbo except the pronouns. The language has no element to express a definite feature comparable to the English definite article (the).

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