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Obukpa Society places much premium on children. This idea links marriage with procreation inextricably and explains the woes of infertility within the framework of her perceptions. Obukpa sociology of the family sees consanguinity as foundational to its basic structure and sustainability; a cosmology which explained and given its credible force in her religious metaphysics. This paper discusses child adoption in Obukpa Religion from the perspectives of its perceptions and implications. One of the findings of this work is that the forces of Christian civilization, Western orientations and urbanization influences have not been able to make Obukpa indigenes drop their kinship care structure or fosterage and opt for the western style of child adoption. They see the western adoption scheme as deficient because it introduces strange blood into the family and kindred. The indigenous approach where the adoptees’ (modus loquendi) bio-social roots are known and respected serves in every detail the Obukpa yearning for family homogeneity. “Culture Area Approach” is the methodology employed in this study. This means that it focused on Obukpa cultural context as a homogenous fact within the generalized Igbo culture and studies its perceptions and implications of child adoption from its religious belief system


Child, Child adoption, Obukpa Religion, Perceptions and Implications.

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