Raheem Olasupo Akewushola


This study examined the effects of integration strategy on corporate performance in the Nigeria brewery industry. Survey research design was employed in this study. 140 copies of questionnaire were administered to selected members of staff of Nigeria Breweries Plc and Guinness Nigeria Plc using stratified sampling technique based on employee designation. The research instrument was validated using content validity technique while the reliability was ascertained using the internal consistency approach. The scale used for the study has good internal consistency, with a Cronbach alpha coefficient value of 0.851.  The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics (percentages, charts and table) and inferential statistics (regression analysis and correlation analysis). The study found out that there is a positive high relationship between integration strategy and the profitability of Nigeria Brewery Plc and Guinness Plc (r = 0.986, p<0.05); the relationship between integration strategy and quality relation is very high and significant (r= 0.932, p<0.05); Also, influence of integration strategy on the market share is very high and significant (r = 0.950, p<0.05). Based on the findings, the study recommended that management of the firms should continually seek measures to expand and increase the local contents and sources of factor input. The Federal Government should invite all stakeholders in the brewery industry for brainstorming to review the local content in order to accommodate all interest groups (subsistence farmers) in the industry.


Integration strategy, Corporate performance, Profitability, Market share, Quality relations, brewery industry.

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