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Nursing and Midwifery Practice should portray a professional image in a positive sense in moral, ethical and legal impact in their nursing practice and profession. The workplace is the hospital and/or hospital related base. The hospital is an organization that mobilizes and uses experts of a number of widely varied groups of professionals, semi - professionals and non - professional to provide highly personalized care to patients. Therefore, hospital requires effective performance by many professionals and semi – professional personnel with highly specialized knowledge and skills that should ultimately serve to promote patients care and satisfaction of family members and health care providers. The functions and duties of health care workers within hospital health care sector, however, are not performed in isolation; it is understandable that they are potential source of conflict between the various professionals in the hospital. To achieve a reasonable set goal in the health care sector, there must be an effective and efficient management of all resources, including the maintenance of an enabling environment for constructive interaction among the workforce of the organization. It is obvious that there are occurrence and effects of conflicts in the workplace. The conflict over decision making and the lack of role definition for nurses and midwives contribute significantly to stress and subsequent burnout (suffering) amongst health care professionals in the hospital. The nurses and medical doctors conflict is associated with the combination of socio – economic, inter- personal and inter- group factors. The hospital management should understand the interplay of these factors and recognize its role in the handling of such conflicts. Medical Doctors and Nurses must also acquire the understanding of team work – building and group dynamics through training to achieve good nursing and midwifery practice in Nigeria. This is achievable in Nigeria if the necessary interplay is placed and mounted by the health care providers and the stake holders.


Nursing, Midwifery, Conflict and Legal Practice

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