Cornelius Aghadiegwu Ukwueze, Howard Hugh Adun


The study identified the challenges confronting Security Information Management among companies in Lagos State, Nigeria. Five research questions were formulated to guide the study. The data for the study was collected through primary and secondary sources. Primary sources involved the use of structured Questionnaire and Interview and secondary sources involved the use of publications, books, journals, articles and online sources. The data were analysed using simple percentage method. The theory used was the Technology determinism. Findings established that social media allows Companies’ employees to communicate in a new ways. It was discovered that top management support is a major challenge in security information management in majority of companies whether local or multi nationals. It was revealed that management pay lip service to security matters, funds are not being provided for the training of staff and proper security policies are not being made to guide the handling of security information. It was also found that social media made it difficult to control the type of applications that get access to the companies’ computers which made it possible for staff to install different applications, resulting in different viruses, worms and Trojans affecting their computers. Identity theft is also a major issue, impersonating staff of companies to defraud unsuspecting internet users while the investigation revealed high patronage of security information services by Companies in Lagos State. The study concluded by recommending sensitization of staff on the need to avoid entering unknown social media sites and protection of companies` information through encryption, authentication and authorization etc and  that management of companies should take security information matters seriously.


Social media, security, information management, Challenges, Lagos State

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