Lucky Brimoh (PhD), Austin Agbator (Ph.D), Rufus Aisedion (Ph.D)


In the past years an attempt has been made in the relationship between the three arms of government, legislative, executive, judiciary in their relationship and the substance of Democracy in Nigeria, which has been in abysmal due to the Action of Legislative performance which suppose to be the Nucleus of Democracy practice and is clear that Executive has not deepen the sustainability of the Democracy in Nigeria, as the winner take it all attitude of the Executive arm has lower the dividend of Democratic practice in Nigeria.The Research method adopted and source of data for the study is content analysis of secondary data which are collected from published and unpublished material, such as books, Journal, Articles and Newspaper. The method of Data analysis are historical method and content analysis which are epithamology in nature, data gathered are analysed through the quantitative method by sequential reasoning and logical presentation of existing views of various schools of thought on the subject with the aim of a pragmatic survey method and a caval analysis are applicable.The finding is that Executive, Legislative and Judiciary in their relationship, there is conflict, which has affected the performance of democratic development in Nigeria and the Legislative Arm who amend the constitution at will and the executive influences the power of the other arm of government, because of unduely advantage confided on Executive arm by the 1999 constitution, which need amendment for good political, economic and social responsibility development of democratic practice in Nigeria.The conclusion is that gladiator and ombudsman has use their position to appropriate the state resources to themselves their action has be nefarious in their behaviour, hence thwarting the democratic development of the country and we recommended the 1999 constitution amendment which is imperatively necessary for sustenance of democratic practise in Nigeria and dynamic organism for world development and there should be total clearship of organic and endemic corruption practice by most Nigerian, winner take it all game attitude without recognizing a divergence view and opinion this will lead to underdevelopment for sustenance of democracy practise in Nigeria, the gladiator, ombudsman, actors and leader should harnessed the human resources of Nigerian this will bring about the most desire development in pure democratic practice of this country.

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