Ugochukwu Christian Ogbogu, John-Jireh Bassey


Nigeria today is facing a serious psycho-political and economic crisis. The time demands that scholars and practitioners should think a loud and come out with suggestions regarding the possible solutions to our problems. This paper is design to review the present psycho-political and economical conditions in the country and then goes on to argue that for a quick recovery from the depression there is the need for all Nigerians to develop what has been called the mind of good governance and this type of mind can only be effectively inculcated through the educational system in the country. It goes on to state in this direction that the school curriculum and the method of imparting any desirable knowledge and skill should have built in challenges. So that the products of the system would be able to face more squarely the hard problems of existence as are witnessed today in the country.


Education, Psycho- Political, Economic and Good Governance

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