Marius N. Ugochukwu (Ph.D), Ifeanyi Egwuonwu (Ph.D)


Quality education is a programme that provides learners with the strength and capabilities required to become economically, socially and morally productive as well a justifiable income and ultimately contributes to a peaceful and democratic society. Education and governance are mostly mentioned in most literature because it is believed that quality education enhances good governance. This conference paper intends to write on what education is all about and discuss how it relates to governance.

This conference paper is a conceptual paper that drew information from literature surveys, examined peer-reviewed journal articles, working papers, textbooks, and other published resources relevant to education and governance.

The paper argued that quality education is a positive predictor of good governance. It further noted that quality education sets the pace for good governance, which ultimately leads to enhancement of the capacities of its citizenry. It was recommended that Nigeria should develop a framework that should promote quality education and good governance.

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