Idris Wada Aujara (PhD)


This study assessed the Training Needs of Community Development Personnel in Kano State. The objectives of the study were to determine the knowledge-based training needs of community development personnel in Kano state, determine the attitude-based training needs of community development personnel in Kano State and determine the skills-based training needs of community development personnel in Kano State. The study adopted a survey research design with a population of  2,000 community development workers and officials of the Kano State Ministry of Community Development. The sample for the study was 281 subjects drawn on the basis of multi-stage sampling procedure. The instrument for data collection was a self-developed questionnaire whose reliability index was calculated as 0.68.  Findings of the study indicated that  the knowledge–based training needs of Community Development personnel in Kano State are new ideas on  practices and activities as well as knowledge on awareness and management components, the attitude-based training needs of community development personnel in Kano State are  training on trustworthy relations, dedication and sense of responsibility, respect for ethics, codes and privileges while the skills-based training needs of community development personnel in Kano State are fieldwork-training, simulations and field trip plans, concept notes formation and programme plans. Based on these findings, the study recommended among others, that community development personnel should be given adequate training on computer programming and application as essential research and advocacy tools and that local governments should adequately cater for the training needs of their employees in order to sensitize them as well as build solid human resource base for their activities and ensure professionalism among the community development practitioners.


Training needs, Community development, Personnel

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