Raliat Alabi, Aishatu N. Zubairu, Uloma D. Onuoha


Nigeria as a nation has been plagued by religious, political, cultural and ethnic conflicts that consistently threaten the actualization of national unity as enshrined in her constitution in spite of numerous government policies and programmes aimed at fostering unity. This paper, therefore, examines Nigeria’s quest for unity, her need for an informed citizenry and how libraries through information provision and dissemination can ensure that Nigerians are equipped with relevant information for appreciating unity in diversity in order to promote lasting peace and a sense of unity. The paper concludes by noting that Nigeria can achieve unity in diversity through information provision and dissemination and therefore recommends that libraries of all types make conscious efforts to acquire and build collections that promote unity. Beyond making information materials available, it also recommends that libraries promote national unity through literacy programs.


Nigeria, national unity, unity in diversity libraries

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