Ndidi Grace Nwankwo (CLN), Ifeyinwa Loveth Chukwu, Olisa Paul Igbokwe, Norbert Amaechi Agbanu (PhD, CLN)


Purpose: This paper reviewed literature on awareness and use of Library Information Resources. The review is necessary so as to guide students as well as scholars of Library and Information Science who may want to be exposed to the concepts and elements of Library and Information Resources.

Design/Methodology: The exploratory approach was used for this study; first a conceptual framework was examined. This was followed by review of Ranganathan’s five laws of Library Science and the Situation Awareness law finally position was taken on the awareness and use of library and information resources.

Findings: The paper found out that the awareness of library and information resources facilitates the use of these resources.

Originality/Value: The value of this paper lies in its identification and discussion on review of the views and position on the concepts of library and information resources. It also brings together scholars and schools of thought ideology on library and information resources which are expected to aid those in quest for knowledge.



Awareness, Use, Library, Information Resources, Library

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