Peter Ikechukwu Emejuru (PhD), Young Ayotamuno


Illegal and uncontrollable cross border migration, the circulation of terrorist mercenaries, proliferation of small and light weapons and other security equipment in the possession of unauthorized persons have contributed to increasing incidents of terrorism, banditry, inter-ethnic conflicts, xenophobic attacks, killings, destruction of means of livelihood and sack of communities across Africa. For over the past fifty years, successive regimes in Nigeria have committed and executed the policy that Africa is the centerpiece of Nigeria’s foreign policy. The outcome was fruitful because many African countries were liberated from the stranglehold of racist colonialism and apartheid because Nigeria committed enormous resources to the continental development. Current situation of insecurity in Nigeria questions the rationality of focusing on continental issues, considering the enormity of internal security challenges that Nigeria faces. The paper adopted the realist theory of international relations as a framework to explore the nexuses between foreign policy and national or homeland security. The study will adopt historical and descriptive analysis and shall rely on secondary data. This study interrogates the rationality of continuing with this policy on the backdrop of the exigency of National security. The paper argues that time and situations that warranted and justified that policy are no longer tenable with contemporary reality, hence we recommend a foreign policy agenda that makes national security the centerpiece of Nigeria’s foreign policy.


Foreign policy, African continent, National security

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