Tyoapine John Hanmaikyur (PhD), Ringim Kabiru Jinjiri (PhD), Kemi Zubair


The need to remain relevant in today's challenging business world has compelled small businesses to engage consultancy services to reposition the company and its staff toward achieving increased sales growth and performance. This study investigated the effect of sales force mentoring on sales growth of small businesses in Benue state, Nigeria. Data needed for the study was generated from small businesses studied. The study's hypothesis was tested with the aid of multiple regression statistical analytical tool at 5 % level of significance. Result of the analysis indicated that a significant positive effect exist from sales force mentoring and sales growth of small businesses in Benue state. (p-value 0.000< α 0.05). Arising from the above findings, the study concluded that sales force mentoring have effect on sales growth of small businesses in Benue state. Based on the findings, the study made a good number of recommendations including a call on the owners and managers of small businesses to reguraly subject their sales force to realistic mentoring exercise to keep them abreast of current realities and selling skills that are capable of attracting sales growth in their small businesses.


Mentoring, Small businesses, Sales growth, Performance

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