Online Submission Portal: HOW TO SUBMIT PAPER/ARTICLE - PART 1

The very first step to publishing an article in International Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities Review (IJSSHR) is to create a username and password.

Creating a username and password will enable you to login and access the journal fully.


If you are reading this article, I assume you have already visited (if not, please visit Once in IJSSHR Journal home page, do the following:

1. Click on 'REGISTER', located on the menu bar, just below the Title banner.

2. Provide required information by filling the form that comes up in the next pages. Please re-check your information to ensure accuracy. NB: Information provided will be used purely for academic purpose (see our Privacy Policy).

3. Submit only when you have filled all required fields. Required fields are marked with estericks (*).

4. You will be notified when you have successfully registered.

NB: It is important to point out here that authors wishing to submit papers to this Journal MUST check their roles as: Reader & Author during registration. This is to ensure that submission privilege is given to the author. If, for instance, the author checks only Reader, it means that he CANNOT submit papers to this site, until he enrolls himself as an Author.

Authors can also enroll themselves as 'Reviewers' if they wish to be assigned reviewing roles subsequently. We encourage scholars to check this role and participate in the reviewing process.