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Non renewable energy source are natural resource which are divided into two, nuclear fuel and fossil fuel. In Nigeria, unclear fuel is not well developed but fossil fuel is the major source of energy use in the country. Fossil fuel includes coal, petroleum and natural gas, play an important role in Nigerian economy. This study reviews past work on environmental effect of non renewable energy source and apply it to Nigeria situation. The non renewable energy sources have helps Nigeria to improve their standard of living; unfortunately, it has tremendously damage the environment by affecting the existence of humans. The environmental effect of fossil fuel has two dimensional effect; the localized effect and the globalize effect. The localized effect is the effect of fossil fuel within the area of extraction, transpiration, refining and consumption; this manifest in the following ways pollution (Air, noise and water), forest degradation soil and land degradation, wildlife disruption land subsidence and drilling mud release. Globalize effect of fossil fuel is the effect of fossil globally and it take the following form, air pollution, acid rain, global warming, sea level rise, Ozone layer depletion, effects on human health and other organism, the environment problems which of fossil fuel has cause can be minimized by adopting the following measured by improving the efficiency of petrol engines and outright banned on second hand cars, conservation of energy and alternate source of energy are developed to reduced carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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Environmental Effects of Fossil Fuel


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