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Nigeria is known for her vast riches in natural resources and human capital. She is equally vast in notoriety for social and immoral vices. These vices truncate sustainable development in many ways which her enormous resources would have actualized in her unfolding to great nationhood. Education sector is crucial to the development of any nation. Nigeria has huge setback in this dimension due to examination malpractice and other sundry social ills within the sector and outside of it. This paper advocates for improvements on moral standards in the Nigeria society as a permanent and credible solution to the evil of examination malpractice. The findings of this paper reveal that all remedies and recommendations proffered hitherto to solving this menace failed because morality was not a key component of the said solutions, principles and practices. When morality is inculcated in the individual and entrenched in the societal structures and systems, examination malpractice would belong to the dustbin of history. The optimism which this advocacy enjoys is based on its essential results that moral virtues and social positive values would become our culture – our way of life. This work employed descriptive-observational methodology whereby stakeholders and syndicates were viewed and their actions recorded over time.


Examination, examination malpractice, Nigerian schools, advocacy,and moral standards

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