Sylvester Nwigwe Ogbueghu, Isaac Okek Ugwu


The growth of technological development and the world global village demanded innovations and changes in the methods and strategies for teaching and learning in our educational system.  Economics Education which has its domain in a dynamic society requires constant innovations in  its  method  of  instruction. This paper reviewed the concept of innovation, the general purpose of innovation in education, problems of innovation and discussed innovations on teaching methods in economics education. Some innovative methods in economics  education were briefly mentioned and discussed  such as quantitative techniques, computer—assisted instruction method ,massive open online course method [MOOC], field trip\industrial work base experience ,forecasting   models, team teaching, individualised instruction and micro teaching technique etc. conclusion was drawn that innovations and changes in teaching and learning methodologies remain imperative in the educational development and growth of a nation. Recommendations were also made such as: to ensure innovations at all levels of education, to make it affordable, functional, to train and re-train more teachers to ensure the changes and making  some quantitative courses compulsory to the undergraduate students  of   economic  education.

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