Precious U. Ekanem, Okey M. Ikeanyibe


The bilateral relationship between Nigeria and India is employed for the pursuit of both countries national interest. In order to achieve this national interest the structure to the relationship is to be careful reviewed. The study examines the bilateral relation between Nigeria and India in the agricultural sector, it looks at strategies to which Nigeria can employ to develop its agricultural sector from its relationship with India. To accomplish the set out objectives of the study secondary literatures where reviewed extensively. The results showed that there is little Indian agricultural investments in Nigeria. Findings from the reviewed studies also showed that Nigeria needs to learn from the structure of India’s agricultural sector, it further showed that little researches have been carried out in the area of Nigeria and India’s bilateral relations especially in the agricultural sector. Based on the findings, it is recommended that more researches should be done on this field. There is need for Nigeria to adopt India’s agricultural practise to advance her development.


Agriculture, Bilateral relations, Nigeria, India, Economy, Growth and Development

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