Kevin Onwuka Udude, Igwe Onyebuchi Igwe


A judge is a public officer appointed to preside over court of law and dispense justice to litigants appearing before him. Over the years there have been intense debates on whether a judge is a political actor in his environment on one hand and whether a judge could be held responsible for any breach of law or trust reposed on him by the public on the other hand. These debates were geared towards finding out whether a judge was immuned from criminal responsibility. The motivation for this work was borne out of the desire to create awareness towards ensuring judicial transparency in the country. This was also geared towards reducing cases of corruption and miscarriage of justices in the nation judiciary. We commenced this paper by looking at the various cases of judicial corruptions in other jurisdictions such as the United States of America and Britain and the works of other scholars relevant to the topic underdiscourse. It was discovered that the major challenges facing the Nigerian judiciary is judicial independence and justice for money among others. It was based on the above that we made our recommendations.


Bribery and Corruption, Political Jurist, Social Position, Upperworld crime and a Judge

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