Roles of Nigeria in Defence and Security within the West African Sub-region

Muddassir Ahmad Gado, Sanusi AbdulWasiu


This paper was designed to analyze the leadership role played by Nigeria in defense and security of West Africa from 1989 to the present. The paper argued favorably that Nigeria has exhibited high caliber of big brother role in West African states by pinpointing to figures and facts concerning the trends of its good intents. The paper identifies areas where Nigeria has done commendably well such as in mediation, economic integration, democratic consolidation, rendering trans-border technical assistance and trans-border criminal activities to mention but a few. Paradoxically, the paper also comments on the pitfall as well as the challenges confronted by the Nigeria’s government toward exhibiting its big brother role in defense of West African sub-region. Three factors were identified as militating variables to Nigeria’s leadership role in the West African region which among others include the internal factors such as the perception of the neighboring states as well as the recurrent intervention of the western societies in West Africa in particular and in Africa in general. It has been argued that despite Nigeria’s internal security challenges, the country play a significant role in maintaining peace, security and ensuring political stability in Africa, therefore these are efforts that need to be strengthen effectively carried out by Nigeria as the giant of Africa.


Africa, Defence, Peace, Politics and Security

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