Adeola Ufuoma Omoleye, Joshua Segun


 This paper examines the implications of the porousness of the Nigerian borders on national security. Despite the efforts of border security agencies in Nigeria to keep the borders safe, the country’s borders are porous, allowing all sorts of cross-border criminal activities such as illegal migration, terrorism, and insurgency. Against this backdrop, this study examines the Fulani herdsmen and their attacks on some farming communities in Nigeria: Does the porosity of the Nigerian borders which give access to countless illegal migrants including herdsmen from Chad undermine Nigeria’s national security? Relying on the fragile state approach as a theoretical guide, the study investigates the security challenges posed by trans-border activities of Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria. Data were gathered from secondary sources and textual analysis was used in analysing data. The study finds that the spate of trans-border activities of the Fulani herdsmen like destruction of farm produce and killing of innocent indigenes is a threat to national security in Nigeria. Among others, the study recommends the need for effective border monitoring to prevent illegal immigrants from undermining Nigeria’s security.

Keywords: Border, Insurgency, National Security, Herdsmen, Nigeria


Border, Insurgency, National Security,Fulani Herdsmen, Nigeria

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