Charles Obioma Omeire (PhD)


The raison d’etre of government is the protection of the lives and properties of citizens. The current security situation in Nigeria is worrisome. While the federal government may have succeeded in curtailing the activities of Boko Haram in Borno State, the killer herdsmen have been carrying out mass murder, arson and other nefarious engagements. The paper considers the activities of rampaging killer herdsmen, the compromised security in Nigeria and the consequences for good governance. The work is purely qualitative and made use of secondary sources of data for its analysis. The paper submits that owing to the politicization of security in Nigeria, the federal government has not been able to effectively checkmate the activities of the murderous herdsmen. It further maintains that the politicization of security in Nigeria has far-reaching consequences, including the attenuation of inter agency and inter governmental synergy; flourishing of militias and other criminal outfits; proliferation of vigilante and other para-military groups across the country; sabotage; widespread killing of citizens; loss of confidence in the government; and resort to self-help or mass revolt. The paper recommends the dismantling of the present nepotistic security architecture with a view to broadening and balancing its composition; equipment of security agencies and the creation of state police.


Herdsmen, Good Governance, Democratic Dividend, Security

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