Hussaini Tukur Hassan, Ibrahim Abdulkadir


This paper examines the nature of community participation in rural development at the grassroots in Nigeria which is essentially the role of rural dwellers in the up-liftmen of their living conditions. Local government being the third tier of government is examined within the context of its constitutional roles and resources at its disposal to facilitate the much desired task of grassroots participation in rural development. The study employs the use of Content Analysis as a methodology and Participatory Theory is used as a theoretical framework of the study. The data for the study was generated from secondary sources. The paper reveals that top bottom approach, political deprivation, lack of enlightenment and awareness campaign and lack of proper educational empowerment constitutes the major challenges of community participation in rural development. It was concluded that the goals of the participation in rural development are not with that of government development plans. The paper recommended that, the local government should improve in the enlightenment and awareness campaign which can serve as a way of motivating communities to participate in rural development.


Community, Participation, Rural, development, Empowerment, and Mobilisation

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