Walter Duru (PhD)


Movies have both positive and negative impacts on the youth, especially students. The need to bring about sanity in the industry can therefore not be over emphasized, with a view to salvaging the cultural values and morals of the people, while also attending to the other communication needs of the society. This is realizable through decent information dissemination, education, mobilization and entertainment of the citizenry, with special focus on the youth. A lot of the youths demonstrate negative attitude as a result of their exposure to violent films. The proliferation of local films appears to be adding to the problems of our society; hence, the need to ensure thorough scrutiny before production and marketing of home movies in order to achieve positive impacts on the generality of Nigerian society. The study has a sample size of 200. Respondents were drawn from Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Area of Lagos State. The survey research method was used to generate information on the impacts of Nigerian home movies on the youths. Three research hypotheses were developed and when tested, two of the hypotheses tested positive, while one failed because of the violence associated with some home movies. The analysis is presented using tables and simple percentages. Findings indicate that Nigerian home movies exert positive and negative influence on the behavioural patterns of the students in the secondary and tertiary institutions studied in Amumo Odofin and Lagos State at large. The paper therefore recommends that Nigerian home movies become sensitive to our cultural values, morals and languages to achieve the desired goals and for national development.


Home-movie, mass communication, cultural values and education

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