Goodnews Osah (PhD), Eyitayo Adewumi (PhD)


The security architecture of many countries including Nigeria was badly challenged by the Corona virus pandemic in the greater part of 2020. Nigeria’s week security situation provided a safe haven for criminally minded persons to carry out their nefarious activities. Though crimes such as kidnapping, rape, armed robbery, internet fraud and Ponzi schemes, food insecurity and inadequate health facilities have bedeviled the Nigerian state for sometimes now, their occurrences were in the increase following a lockdown orders imposed by government to flatten the curve of COVID-19. The abuse of human rights and killings of innocent citizens are other security concerns that Nigerians had to contend with. The paper identified poverty, unemployment, weak and poorly funded military establishments as the causes of the unabating security concerns.  The recommendations are that strong and good governance is needed if Nigeria must provide passable security for her citizens. Creation of employment opportunities and the adequate training and funding of law enforcements agencies is most urgently needed than ever.


Covid-19, National Security, insecurity, Pandemic

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