Uchenna Okorie Kalu, Olawole Ojo


For over 30 years now, the Polisario Front has led the Saharawi Struggle for independence in Arab Democratic Republic. Following Spanish decolonization of the territory in 1976, Morocco claimed the territory of Arab Democratic Republic leading to a protracted war against the Polisario Front. The 1991 United Nation brokered ceasefire agreement prompted the Polisario to switch from warfare as its main tactic to leveraging international support for Saharawi self-determination and raising awareness of the conflict, consequently the study discussed how the international community helped the Polisario Front gain recognition for its cause, the Polisario Front’s tactics for leveraging international support, and the limits of relying on the international community.  The study employed the systematic review research design with the entire workforce of selected research institute in Lagos also on secondary data which are entirely literature-based such as relevant academic writings, journalistic articles, newspaper textbooks, reports as well as the internet and travelogues.  It is equally indispensable that the negotiations address effectively the full range of interests and principles which have been at stake in the conflict. It is accordingly essential that they not be prejudiced at the outset by the stipulation that their objective is to secure the self-determination of the people of Arab Democratic Republic. Their objective should be to resolve the conflict between the parties through an agreement to which they all genuinely adhere, whatever principles that agreement may be based on.

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