Wasiu Rahman, B. Akpu (PhD), J. O. Adefila (PhD)


There is a growing demand for an effective strategy towards developing the industrial sector of the Nigeria’s economy. The investment in small scale industries is geared towards harnessing local resources to boost socioeconomic development. This study assessed socioeconomic effects of small scale industries in Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State. Questionnaire was administered randomly among 73 selected small scale industrialists across five selected wards in the study area. In addition, interview was conducted with respondents in each of the selected wards to complements the data collected using questionnaire survey. The study employed descriptive statistics to analyze the data.  The study shows that 85% of the respondents were Males and fund to be more dominant in small scale industrial operations in the study area.The age group of the respondents between 40-49 years of age were about 38% while 50-59 years of age constituted 29%. The respondents were active age and energetic enough to withstand the stress involved in small scale industrial operation in the study area. The major areas of contribution of small scale industries to socioeconomic development were employment generating (40%) and internal revenue generating (37%). Despite the contribution of small scale industries marketing problems and poor access to fund were identified as the major challenges facing small scale industrial operation in the area. The study recommends that government should provide accessible loan with affordable interest and infrastructural facilities to facilitate effective production.


Small Scale Industries, Socioeconomic, Development.

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