H. O. Agboola, C. N. Ikonne (PhD)


Pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS are a vulnerable group of individuals and their quality of life is being compromised by their HIV/AIDS status. The state of health of pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS have deteriorated and they are suffering from various illnesses. They are also discriminated against and isolated. Pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS are not also able to meet their finances due to their illnesses. Consequently, this has resulted in their loss of jobs which has resulted in their difficult to meet their health care services. All these have contributed to their low quality of life. The study employed survey research method. The population for this study comprised 23,954 who are registered for antenatal in nine (9) general hospitals in the state, of which eight hundred and eleven (811) of these pregnant women tested positive to the HIV virus. A sample size of 601 was obtained using the Taro Yamane formula.  Purposive sampling technique was used to select (9) nine General Hospital spread across the three (3) senatorial districts of Ogun State. Data were collected with a validated structured questionnaire. Findings showed that the health related quality of life of pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS in Ogun State is significantly influenced by the psychological domain with mean score 3.89., mean score of physical domain 3.87 and mean score of environmental domain 3.71. The study concluded that the quality of life pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS in Ogun State, Nigeria was significantly influenced at the physical, psychological and environmental levels.


Health related, quality of life, Pregnant women living with HIV/AIDS, Ogun State

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