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The idea of treatment of human body is as old as life. This is revealed in age old religious writings found in many Asian and African countries. The different processes involved in these treatments were quite different depending on the culture and location. Some communities depended on natural things available in their environment. Communities close to water used marine items for treatment while communities with thick forest believed more in plants or herbs. Supernatural ideas were also received in some communities. Such ideas detailed step by step guide on forms of treatment for cases presented to the gods for intervention. These various practices supported mankind for ages before the advent of allopathic medicines. A lot of changes and modifications are being made as societies progress and increase through migration. This presents an interesting interactive relationship between the age old practice and modern medicine (allopathy). Such relationship is increasingly strengthened in contemporary times through mordernization. It is against this backdrop that this paper aims to review literature on the relationship between allopathic medicine and traditional medicine.

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