Popoola A. Awogbami, Jacob Kehinde Opele, Funmilayo Christiana Adeyemi


The idea of a board system is a global thought commonly practiced by academic and professional bodies regardless of institution or professional affiliation. Nigeria like its counterparts in other countries of the world has a rich history and antecedents of establishment of national, public,  research and private libraries with their boards created alongside for effective information service provision. The current study is a scoping review of the functions of the library board in ensuring information service provision in Lagos State, Nigeria. The study employed the descriptive survey design. A total of eighty (80) staff and users of public libraries in Lagos State participated in the study. Data collection involves the administration of questionnaires to the respondents. The data retrieved was subsequently subjected to descriptive statistical analysis where frequency counts and percentage distribution was run on the retrieved responses. The analysis was aided by IBM Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. Findings revealed that, majority 52.5% of the respondents occasionally use the library while 47.5% others frequently use the library. Besides, 61% were not satisfied with the hours of library operation while 48.7% said ‘yes’ they were satisfied with the hours of library operation. Also, 42.5% reasoned that the library has the function of awareness creation, 32.5% said libraries are to carry out advertisement functions while 25% reasoned the library board should focus on evaluation of the activities of the libraries within the State. Also, 46.2% said the library offers continuing education programmes to its clientele, 28.7% others said they have enjoyed information provision from the library board, 18.7% others said they have been offered research opportunities while 6.2% others said the library had provided them with recreational information. In addition, it was found that there is  inadequate information materials on the library stock while 31.2%  indicated poor infrastructure, while 27.5% others said the library has poor facilities, 21.2% identified poor funding while 20% others identified inadequate information materials in the state library board. As regards the greatest obstacles that hinder public library development in Lagos State, the findings indicated that inadequate funding and Society misconception about the essence of the library constituted 58.7%. The study concluded that the state government should do everything within its capacity to increase the budgetary allocation to the state library board for enhance performance particularly in the current information-driven age.


Library Board, Functions, Information Service Provision, Lagos State, Nigeria

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