Ejike C. Okoroafor, Emmanuel C. Nnosike, George Nze Unegbu


The issue of community development in Nigeria is fundamentally a grassroot phenomenon that requires different intervention models in order to be actualized to appreciable level. To facilitate national development in Nigeria will require major efforts on community development and this can be enhanced through the impact of  the social work profession. This paper discusses the role of the profession of social work in facilitating community development in Nigeria through social workers practices/activities in child welfare, women empowerment, schools, primary health care and youth mobilization, etc. It explicates social work and its nature/values; discusses the concept and essence of community development, some problems of community development in Nigeria such as illiteracy, poverty, corruption, failure of local governments, etc. It identifies social work practices that can effectively promote community development in Nigeria. The paper proffers recommendations that can empower the profession of social work in contributing immensely to Nigeria's efforts towards community development, which include: clear cut policy on social work, introduction of social work as course in tertiary institutions, sensitization of Nigerians about social work, and enshrining the position of social workers in her constitution.


Empowering, Profession, Social Work, Community Development.

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