Gideon Udechukwu Isika (PhD), Benjamin Enahoro Assay, Ekene Solomon Scotland


With the recent call by some Yoruba leaders of thought and certain political groups in the North for true federalism or restructuring, the failed leadership of the country has once more resurfaced in the public sphere. It used to be only a remote agitation by minority groups particularly the Niger Delta area which had genuine grievances over their God-given wealth which the rest of the country continue to parasite and the Igbos who all along felt marginalized since after the Nigerian Civil war. The paper takes a panoramic view of the nation’s dwindling opportunity at survival due to absence of genuine national leadership. Using a disclosure analysis approach and tenets in spiral of silence as framework, the paper believes that true nation building can be realized only when the media takes a focal point position as an unbiased umpire.


Media, Politics, Agitation, Restructuring, Sustainability

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