Garba Abubakar


This paper examines the challenges of human rights and how it has been violated in Nigeria. This research work explain how the Nigeria Police force violate the peoples right in Nigeria, how they went about arresting people who do them no wrong. It also explores some conceptual clarifications and further examines various threats to human rights in Nigeria with particular reference to persons in conflict with law who happened to be in the custody of the security agencies in Nigeria. The research further employed empirical method by going to some correctional custodial institutions in Jigawa State where inmates were examined. On the process it was found that the institutions were gross inadequate in term of facilities and there are a lot of non-compliance with the minimum standard compliance on the rights of inmates as well as cases of human rights violations. The research concludes by recommending among others, the strengthening of independence of the judiciary, press freedom, democratic rules or principles, human rights education and public vigilance to curtail human rights abuses and promote good governance in Nigeria. The primary and secondary source was used for the data collection in this research work, questionnaires were also distributed and interviews were carried out by the researcher. According to the finding of these research and its recommendation, which recommended that government should make a policy that will guide the people and also higher authority that will be handling the issues of human right and the board that will protect the peoples right from been violated by the Nigerian Police or the rich- men in town.

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