Goodluck Okwudiri Allison, Vincent Enyeribe Unegbu (Prof)


Accountable organizations are those that value their created records as it guards them in decision making and strategic activities. Records management practices has elevated the image of divers organizations. Pension commission in Abia State and Nigeria at large, deals with various records created on behalf of pensioners from the time of work engagement till retirement. This study used survey design to checkmate the role of records management practices on accountability of Pension commission companies in Abia State. The population of the study was 384 PFA/PFC staff in Abia State. Multistage sampling technique was adopted for the study as 196 staff were sampled with the help of Krejcie and Morgan method of determining sample size. The instrument for the study was self-structured questionnaire. The filled and retrieved questionnaires were analyzed with descriptive statistics of frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation. The study discovered that respondents agree that Pension Commission companies in Abia State, Nigeria are accountable mostly towards the records created in deducting the pensioners’ funds monthly.  The study concluded that the created and kept records with PenCom companies promote PenCom companies accountability in Abia State, Nigeria.


Records Management Practices, Accountability, Pension Commission, Pensioners, Abia State, Nigeria

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