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Economic policies have traditionally concerned themselves with the technical aspects of stabilization policy, leaving the analysis of actual policy formation to political scientists. That in developing nations, public policies have been and is still being conditioned by the external environment and by agencies such as the UN and its allies- WHO, ILO, UNEP, UNDP World Bank, IMF etc. As a result of the findings of study it suggest that the academia in developing nations should focus efforts at encouraging the ‘propoundment’ of ‘home-grown’ theories that would be applicable to real life situations and the developmental stages of the developing nations. That political instabilities and poor economic development have been largely responsible for failure of policies. That in view of inconsistencies in policies, poor ICT and record management and the general failure of governance, the ‘scientification’ of policy analysis mechanism in developing nations has been a herculean task. This has made it difficult to make adequate analysis and evaluation of policies and such government is encouraged to be all inclusive in the policies of the day to day running of governance.

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