Julius Bolade Anjorin (PhD)


An analysis on the effect of globalization on economic recession depicting a case study of Buhari’s Administration is very timely.  The paper is aimed at finding out if Buhari is tackling his election promises looking at the current state of the economy. The methodology used was survey secondary data which included books, journals, articles, published works, E-library, bibliography etc.  The theoretical framework was dependency theory by Gunder Frank which postulates that the economies of the underdeveloped countries is dependent on the colonizers of the developing countries. The hypothesis for the study is hinged on the argument  that since our economy is dependent on the western Capitalist nations, there is no magic the President can perform to revamp the economy. We therefore, need to look inward and structure our economy ourselves along the line of sustainable development. The paper x-rayed the effect globalization has had on the Nigerian Economy and postulates that globalization might have done more harm than good in bettering the economy.

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