Adeyinka Wulemat Olarinmoye


Understanding the specific role of Iyanifa in the Yoruba spirituality, specifically in Ifa practice is the objective of this study. Anthropology is evolving, and as such are the methods engaged in its study. The data used is gotten from ethnographic endeavour of over a decade of the researcher, starting from the earlier work in the completion of the undergraduate long essay submitted to the department of Archaeology and Anthropology in the University of Ibadan, and more KIIs responses through telephone conversations and social media, especially Facebook interactions within the years 2017 and 2020. The interest in understanding Iyanifa in this instance is the fact that Iyanifa are embodiments of Yoruba female personae is no longer geographically bounded. Ifa, the authentic Yoruba corpus of knowledge seems to have even relocated to the Caribbean, especially Brazil and Cuba. The study endeavoured to check for similarities and differences if any, in the interpretations of meanings given to the symbols (in this instance, Iyanifa) in the Odu corpus. The study found out that Ifa corpus is still as potent for explanations of exoteric experiences of its original owners, as the migrant owners, as well as the new converts across the world. Conclusively, the study noted there are slight changes in interpretations, while there are lots of conformities in interpretations and practices.


Iyanifa, Ifa, Yoruba, spirituality.

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