E. Madukoma (PhD), Abosede Kaltumi Sangosanya


The study evaluated the influence of work environment as determinants of job performance of librarians in the national library of Nigeria. The study adopted a survey design with a study population of 135 librarians in National library of Nigeria, total enumeration was used because the population was very few. A structured and validated questionnaire was used for data collection. Data was analyzed using the SPSS software, frequency distribution and percentages. The findings revealed that the level of conducive work environment of the library staff of the National Library can be described a high (grand mean=2.58, SD=.627). This implies that the work environment is favorable to a high extent. The result further revealed that the physical work environment of the library is moderately conducive (mean=2.14), as well as the psychological work environment (mean=2.31). The study concludes that work environment, is very important aspect on the job performance of librarians. This study therefore confirmed other previous studies which have focused on the effect of each of the variables of the study on job performance in the past. The study has been able to justify the role of work environment in any organizational setting, and particularly the National Library setting. The conducive nature of the library environment plays an active role in facilitating effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery by the personnel. The availability of favourable environmental conditions helps the librarians to focus in their job functions, reduces stress and engender optimum performance. All the various components of library work environment like the physical, psychological, social and organizational work environment must be hamonised to stimulate the interest of librarians of National Library of Nigeria for higher job performance. However, the study recommended that There is need for the management of National Library of Nigeria to improve the work environment, especially the physical and psychological work environment of library staff to promote effective job performance and quality service delivery.


work environment, job performance, librarians and National library

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