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Today, most people use whatever means possible to talk ill of others. Most times, it could be for personal gains, victimization, to obtain favour or purely for character assassination. While the right to free speech ought to be protected, as freedom of speech is a core value in this country secured in the constitution, like all fundamental rights, it must read harmoniously with others. In that case, shouldn’t something be said about statements that are intended to drive communities to go out against each other or to menace a youngster into violence or to drive a democratic system toward tyranny? Exploring these compromises is tricky, as compromises among essential principles normally are. This dilemma to choose between basic liberties and opportunities to promote “everyone’s interest” is complex and requires flexibility rather than strict compliance. However, such complexity does not imply that we abstain from exploring. To achieve the aim of this research, which is to explore what hate speech is and the lesson it has for the contemporary society considering Numbers 16:1-7, 31-35.

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