Simon Chukasi Onnonihu, Clement Nwafor Okonkwo


The principal reason for the institution of Government as explained by the Social Contract theorists is the provision of security of lives and properties for the citizens. In line with this understanding, the Nigerian Constitution 1999 (as Amended) states clearly in section14 sub section 2(b), that “the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government”. A juxtaposition of this responsibility of government against the virulent perpetual insecurity challenges pervading the North, and the seeming helplessness of the people, question the very essence of the government. This study therefore interrogates government apparent innocuous response in arresting the identified insecurity challenges which has not only been escalating but also exacerbating endlessly, and assuming new multiple forms, particularly in the North from 2016 to date. We adopted the Social Contract theory as the theoretical guide and generated relevant data from secondary sources, through the documentary method of data collection. The data collected were analyzed using the deductive and inductive logical reasoning. From the study, we found that virulent insecurity poses the greatest challenge to existence particularly in the North, prompting the description of the region as the worst place to live in Nigeria. The study recommends among others, greater resolve or will by the Federal government, more synergy among the security agencies, the devolution of internal security management and the deployment of more effective intelligence in assuaging the ugly situation.


Essence of Government, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Northern-Nigeria, Perpetual Insecurity, Social Contract,

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