Gbatse Austine Gbatse, Mluna Charles Korinjoh, Kpenega Christy Shaakaa, Mwese Lydia Nungwa


The study examined the effects of communal crisis on food availability, food accessibility in Tivland of Benue state, Nigeria. Conflict theory was employed as theoretical framework. Data was collected among 380 respondents drawn across Guma, Gwer West, Tarka; and Vandeikya, Ukum and Logo LGAs local government areas with questionnaire and in-depth interview using cluster and simple random sampling techniques. The study found two principal types of crises; intra (within) and inter (outside). The study also found that communal crises significantly affected food security as it leads to a reduction in the number of crops and animals produced, high prices of the available food, and difficulties in distributing the available food, thus reducing food availability and accessibility. The test of hypotheses showed that communal crisis affects food availability (x2) 12.275 at 2 (df) and a P-value of .000.  The P-value of .000 is less than the critical value of 0.05. Liner Regression analysis showed that, B = .412, β 0.229, P value = 0.00 i.e. <0.05 values meaning that communal crisis affects food security. Based on the above, the study recommended; peace talks between communities/traditional leaders of the warring communities, proper demarcation of the land, and punishing defaulters accordingly.


Communal crisis, Food security, food availability, food accessibility.

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