Chinelo C. Nkoku (PhD), Benjamin F.C. Nwokedi, Queen Esther Chioma Eneremadu (PhD)


The application of Transformational Generative Grammar to language learning is a great asset to the second language learner. The search for easier ways of describing language had propelled this theory. The D – and S – structures theory propounded by Chomsky has greatly helped to account for the structure of the WH – clause. A possession of this knowledge will facilitate the learning of the structure. Having identified some of the problems encountered by second language users of English in the use of this structure, the paper had tried to provide a brief syntactic analysis of WH – elements and movement processes in order to provide information and help correct violations of the usage among second language acquirers of English language. Learners may then be able to decide what is acceptable or not when principles are applied. A learner learns that to form a question, the WH – phrase moves. WH – reflects syntactic movement and one can identify where it moves and where it is in situ.


WH-Phrase, D – and S – structures, Analysis, Movement, in Situ.

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