Lilian Chinazom Ajagu, Obiajulu Joel Nwolu, Chioma Pretney Amaku


This study ascertains the effectiveness of YouTube pre roll advertising in inducing product purchase among youths. YouTube adverts among other varieties of online adverts is the upshot of technological advancement over the years in marketing and advertising industry. However, scholars have posited that online consumers especially youths have developed negative attitude towards YouTube adverts as a result of its perceived intrusive nature.This study therefore sought to find out if the youths, particularly students of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, rreceive these adverts, their reaction to them and if they influence their product purchase decision. A survey of 400 youths was conducted in UNIZIK and the result shows that there is a high level of awareness and receipt of adverts among the youths; that a high number  feel annoyed when they receive YouTube adverts because they don’t find it to be appealing and finally that YouTube adverts have a reasonable influence on their product purchase decision. The results therefore implies that advertisers should pay more attention to improve YouTube adverts– the content, aesthetics and interactivity in order that it becomes more user friendly and less obstructive to guarantee more effectivenes

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