Chinyere O. Agwunsi, A. K. Jibril (Ph.D)


This paper presents the procedure as well as the validation of an interactive software for teaching and preparation of coated peanut to students of Abia State College of Education (Technical) Arochukwu. The developmental effort commenced with the review of both print and online resources concerning coated peanut and its preparation. This followed by additional literature review of some developed interactive softwares. The reviews guided the authors in the development of the present interactive software. The developed interactive software has four main modules, namely, theory, practice, examination and database. The theory module contains materials on coated peanut and its preparation. The practice module on the other hand provides students with environment where they can view how coated peanut is being prepared. It also provides students with interactive environment where students can practice procedures for preparation of coated peanut. The examination module is a multiple choice test which test students’ understanding of the ingredients for the preparation of coated peanut as well as its preparation. The database stores users’ login details and students’ results. Student can view his/her examination result immediately after finishing the examination. Likewise, the lecturer can view students’ results after the examination session. The software was developed using java programming language and developed under java netbeans integrated development environment (8.2). MySQL database was incorporated into the developed software for storage of various data, such as students’ results and users login details. The database and its tables were created using MYSQL workbench (8.0). The developed system was tested by students and they expressed their satisfaction with the performance of the developed software. The students recommended the used of the developed software for the teaching preparation of coated peanut in the College.


Peanut, Coated peanut, Interactive Software, Preparation of Coated Peanut. Abia State College of Education (Tech) Arochukwu

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