Sunday Obsiokore, Nwankwo Akuma Okorie (PhD)


Introduction: The goal of any organization, company or institution is to increase its productivity and profitability. Achieving this goal requires monitoring and managing the activities of the workers.The attendance management system is very vital in tracking the attendance of workers, curb truancy and enhance reliability and profitability of the organization.Aim: This research is aimedat the development of Biometric Authentication System for Staff attendance (fingerprint) to checkmate Truancy among workers of Abia State College of Education (Technical), Arochukwu.Methodology: This research work adopted both primary and secondary methods for gathering data through observation of attendance register, personal interview with some staff of the institution as well as journals, electronic books (e-books) and online articles on Biometric authentication system. Waterfall Model was adopted as system development methodology; Unified Modelling Language was used for the design of the proposed system. Tools: The system was developed using Visual Basic Studio 2015 with other tools which include Hamster Plus SecuGen Fingerprint scanner, Standard Development Kit (SDK) for Visual Basic DotNet Framework, Crystal Report, as programming language and SQLiteRelational database for data storage.Result: After the proposed system has been tested and evaluated, it showed that the system helped in monitoring and maintaining daily (morning and evening) attendance of staff in the college by capturing and verifying workers’ fingerprints.It thwarted intruders’ access to administrator’s login details and captured exception cases of workers who are sick or had accidents. The system thwarts impersonations, manipulation and forgery of attendance register, enforces punctuality, ensures higher productivity and eliminate ghost workers in the institution.


Institution, Attendance, Truancy, Biometric, Fingerprint

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